Friday, March 30, 2012

How does this work? How is it different from other horoscopes?

The twelve months are divided into 3 groups. Each of those three groups rule an element water (winter), earth (spring), fire (summer), and wind (autumn). Each zodiac sign gets its own month and each Zodiac sign has qualities based on its element. Each of the days are also ruled by an element. Sunday is water, Monday is earth, Tuesday is fire, and so on... The first Sunday of the month is ruled by the first zodiac sign of the element water, the first Monday of the month is ruled by the first earth zodiac sign , and the Second Sunday by the second water zodiac sign, and the Second Monday by the Second earth zodiac sign. When a new month begins, it resets and the first day is once again ruled by the first sign of that element.

Capricorn [The Beginner] - January
Aquarius [The Learner] - February
Pisces - [The Dreamer] - March

Aries [The Athlete] - April
Taurus [The Warrior] - May
Gemini [The Artist] - June

Cancer [The Friend] - July
Leo [The Actor] - August
Virgo [The Fanatic] - September

Libra [The Speaker] - October
Scorpio [The Changer] - November
Sagittarius [The Explorer] - December

Each of the 7 days is ruled by an element:

Sunday - Water
Monday - Earth
Tuesday - Fire
Wednesday - Wind
Thursday - Water
Friday - Earth
Saturday - Fire

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